Sheriff David Clarke Jr, Patriot

Congratulations to David Clarke Jr., Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.  Winning reelection even after anti-gun and anti-freedom former NYC Mayor Bloomberg spent $150,000 trying to defeat him.

The Gun Owners of America article is found here.

Maybe a side note, maybe an indictment of the race card:  Sheriff Clarke is black, Bloomberg is white.  Does this make Bloomberg a racist for hating Clarke???

Given the race card played on all us whiteys for not liking BHO’s policies, using the same logic, Bloomberg is a racist.  An anti-freedom, anti-Second Amendment, anti-Constitution racist. 

The Patriot and freedom loving Sheriff Clarke is a shining example of what is right with America.  He has spoken un-pc truth.  For this he will be vilified by the left.  Will the left be slapped as racist for their dislike of this American?  Doubtful, given the liberal main stream media’s mindset.  Only the right can be racist for disagreeing with someone’s policies and practices.


Logical disagreement is fine.  Illogical attack is blatantly wrong.

God Bless Sheriff Clarke.

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Ferguson, Misery

Two sides?  The cop side about shooting  Michael Brown, robbery and assault on an officer suspect.  The peaceful protesters/ rioters/ looters side, no justice no peace, cops are outta control.

They say there’s three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth.  Will the cops whitewash the facts?  (That whitewash statement wasn’t intended as a sick pun, it just turned out that way.)

In a better world there would be no looting or rioting.  No innocent business owners would be burned out of existence.  Cops would be professional all the time.  Citizens would be smarter and more logical and let the system  work.

This ain’t a perfect world, let alone a better world.  Cops are under constant scrutiny from those they are sworn to protect and serve.  Citizens sometimes react in a violent manner when they perceive cops trampling on them and/ or killing them.

Then today we get this from the Daily Beast.  Not a pretty picture of the Ferguson P.D.  Does it add fuel to the fire?  An inconvenient truth?

We also find this from World Net Daily.  Not a pretty picture of Dorian Johnson, eyewitness to the shooting of Michael Brown.

Where’s the picture of Officer Darren Wilson, allegedly suffering injuries during the altercation that led to Brown’s death?

Where’s the truth?  Time will tell.  Peace and reason need to be restored.  We’re too much of an instant gratification society.  We think we’re wronged?  Burn down some buildings.  Cause some mayhem.  What’s that going to get you?  Cops in military regalia marching on your town.  What’s that going to get you?  Bad stuff.

As hard as it may seem, do what the cops tell you.  Be as polite as can be.  Let the lawyers figure it out later.  And there’s plenty of lawyers lining up to help you win money if you are actually wronged.  Be alive to collect it.

Cops have the hardest job.  They see the worst of the worst every day of their working lives.  It’s hard to be a constant and consummate professional seeing what they see.  But that’s what we expect them to be.

“I used to hate the cops until I needed one.”  I forget where I heard that line.

Protestation is very American.  Be peaceful.  Be better than the other side.  I may be naïve but I still believe we can be heard and win at the ballot box and the court of public opinion.

The truth will prevail.  It may take time, more time than we prefer, but it will prevail.

Take a breath.  Pray if you’re a believer.  Rise above by doing that which is right.


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Atrocities of isis, time to drop the bacon bombs

Is there such a thing as a moderate muslim?  If there was I have to believe the liberal main stream media would be putting them on the front page of the paper, lead story on the nightly news.  Haven’t seen it.  What I have seen is video and reports of the isis terrorist army killing, raping, crucifying, and otherwise terrorizing non-muslims.

We’re America.  We can evacuate the non-muslims that are hiding in the mountains.  We can carpet bomb isis.  We can drop tons of raw pork all over the seized territories.  The muslims don’t respect anything but power.  BHO wants to talk.  They scoff.  They lie.

Bomb ‘em all, let allah sort ‘em out.

It wasn’t so pretty there when GW was prez but with the BHO regime now in power things have gotten worse. 

Christians being persecuted , tortured, and killed in the ugliest of manners.  Israel being targeted for extinction.

There’s no easy way out of it.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.  We have to be more brutal than they.  Tough for us, believers in peace and freedom, to do.  We’re not going to have peace if they are allowed to continue and grow.  And if they get nukes?  Good-bye Israel, good-bye world.

Barbarians don’t understand logic and reason.

As the saying goes, “If the muslims laid down their weapons, there’d be peace; if Israel laid down their weapons there’d be no Israel.”

And now isis is raping, pillaging, and killing their way across Iraq and BHO is out golfing.

For further reading:




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Say “NO” to Chris Christie… and ask California “Why?”

The following is an email sent to me by the National Association for Gun Rights.  But before you read that email, please oblige me…

This article, from National Review Online, (linked here) tells of the madman who killed at UCSB in California.

The Media Matters (ain’t they liberal and anti-gun?) article on the NRA is found here.

The bad guy killed and maimed with gun, knife, and vehicle.  The gun involved has never been on any banned list.

I hate to quote Wikipedia but they have some info here.  California has some serious gun control laws.  Mental health laws, too.  The bad guy at UCSB should have been red flagged, per California law.  He wasn’t.

Gun control laws don’t work.  It’s illegal to commit murder yet murders happen everyday.  How can that be???  Isn’t that illegal????

Where has the respect for life gone?  Is it our secular society turning away from God?  Is it the legality of abortion as birth control?  Is it our divided and selfish nation?  Too many questions.  Too few answers we can all agree on.  Lord, please help us.  I fear Your justice, I pray for Your mercy.

OK, to the email…

Some Republicans are hoping Christie will be the 2016 nominee for President.  I have no party affiliation (both sides tick me off) but Christie is not, repeat not, the choice for the GOP.  Not only his friendliness for islam and terrorism (but I repeat myself), but the following email about his gun control history and thoughts currently, should turn off any Republican fervor for his bid at the presidency.

I’m hoping Ben Carson runs… that’s a different story.



NAGR BannerDear Michael,

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is hungry to return to the national media’s good graces.

But he recently dished out another anti-gun scheme that threatens gun owners in the Garden State and across the country.

Governor Christie recently issued a half-baked “conditional veto” of an anti-gun bill in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, a “conditional veto” means if the anti-gun state legislature approves his changes, he’ll sign it.

Chris Christie sent that bill back to state lawmakers loaded with the most draconian anti-gun “mental health” scheme in the country.

It’s his way of having his gun control cake and eating it too.

This scheme threatens to strip thousands of law-abiding New Jersey residents of their Second Amendment rights without due process.

With Christie’s recent national resurgence, I’m afraid this could become a national gun control model — for weak-kneed Republicans — if it’s not called out right away.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll take action.

Please sign this open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus insisting that he NOT promote anti-gun Governor Chris Christie as the future of the GOP.

After all, this is hardly the first time Chris Christie has supported gun control.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Christie was one of the first “Republicans” to come out swinging for more gun control.

It just “had to be part of the conversation,” he said.

Christie started by rejecting proposals to end gun free criminal safezones in schools, and appointing a committed gun grabber to fill a temporary vacancy in the U.S. Senate last year.

Then, when Christie had over a dozen anti-gun bills land on his desk last year, he eagerly signed them into law (not counting a token veto to dupe gun owners).

In fact, Governor Christie’s whole political career was inspired because of his support for New Jersey’s draconian gun control laws.

When he first ran for the State Assembly in 1993 he praised the state’s ban on thousands of semi-automatic firearms.

“The issue which has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons.”


Two years later, when Christie was running again he even sent out this ad supporting gun control:

While campaigning against lawmakers who were supportive of pro-gun reforms, Chris Christie lashed out in his flier:

“It’s dangerous. It’s crazy. It’s radical. They must be stopped.”


That brings me back to what happened recently.

Christie asked New Jersey lawmakers to target the gun rights of law-abiding citizens by beating the “mental health” war drum.

Governor Christie’s “conditional veto” of A.2006 calls for stripping gun rights in any of the following circumstances:*** If you’ve ever gotten angry and slammed your hands on your desk, because you could be deemed “a danger” to “property”.

*** If you have any minor mental health concern, because some hack claims it “could deteriorate” in the future, without any proof or evidence.

*** If an anti-gun shrink thinks you’re crazy for your political or religious beliefs, and pushes for you to be committed (or merely ordered to out-patient once-a-week counseling).

*** If you get angry, sad, or make a decision that a bureaucrat doesn’t approve of, even if it doesn’t actually put you or any one else in “imminent” danger.

*** If you admit you need help, and voluntarily seek certain mental health treatments.

Even Governor Christie himself could potentially lose his gun rights if some hack decided his unhealthy “life choices” made him a danger to himself.

Make no mistake, Christie’s position when it comes to so-called “mental health” reporting requirements is no different than President Obama or Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s position.

Accessing private health care records is the only way they can enforce this scheme, and it’s the ticket to stripping Second Amendment rights away from anyone they want to.

And if you think it couldn’t happen to you, think again.

It’s already happened to over 175,000 veterans who have had their names put on the NICS “no-guns” database, without due process.

And the National Institute of Health says nearly half of all Americans will have a mental health issue in their lifetime.

Governor Christie’s abysmal record on gun rights in New Jersey must be called out for what it really is.

Otherwise, I’m worried his recent anti-gun proposals could become a national model for weak-kneed Republicans looking to vote anti-gun.

Michael, If you believe as strongly in protecting the right to keep and bear arms as I do please take action right away:

Sign this open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus insisting that he NOT promote anti-gun Governor Chris Christie as the future of the GOP.

Please take action now.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has cooked-up another half-baked scheme to pass the nation’s most draconian anti-gun “mental health” law in his home state.

I’m worried his recent anti-gun proposals could become a national model for weak-kneed Republicans looking to vote anti-gun.

If you believe as strongly in protecting the right to keep and bear arms as I do please take action right away:

Sign this open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus insisting that he NOT promote anti-gun Governor Chris Christie as the future of the GOP.

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Military Advisors and “quagmire”

“They” called our involvement in the Viet Nam war a quagmire.  “They” blamed our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq GW’s fault due to bogus intel.  Intel most of “Them” agreed with at the time.

We’re out of Iraq.  Iraq is in shambles.  Gee, what a shock; who’d'a thunk it.

BHO now wants to put a few hundred military “advisors” into Iraq.

Isn’t that how our involvement in Viet Nam started?  “Advisors”?

We’ve been involved in too many years of war.  I’ve been called a hawk.  I’ve been called a dove.  I’ve been called a lot of other things.  Why has this war lasted so long?  What are the rules of engagement?  Unfortunately, ROE are against us, i.e., the boots on the ground.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if we’re dumb enough to go to war let’s be smart enough to do it right.  Doing it right is brutal.  Unleash our military.  The best military in the world.  Let ‘em do their job.  The terrorists are nuts.  Their rulebook tells them to kill, rape, pillage, plunder.  islam must be forwarded.  Our fearless leaders give our military a rulebook that is basically a ticket book given to traffic cops.

Wag our fingers at them and tell them to play nice.  How’s that working?  How many years has this war been going on?  Unleash the beast.  One would think seeing the Twin Towers crumble would’ve done it.  A jet into the Pentagon.  Another jet taken down by the selfless heroics of those onboard.

Wake the sleeping giant!  What the bleep will it take?

We all want peace.  There will be no peace as long as these muslims are allowed to breathe.

The Crusades aren’t past history.  It’s happening now.

What’s going to happen with the “advisors” BHO puts into Iraq?  Clear out all Americans.  Rely on spy satellites.  Rely on drones.  Let the good people know we’re coming in and carpet bombing.  Drop some propaganda bombs.  Tell them to leave us and our allies alone.  Tell them to quit killing Christians. 

Failure to do so will mean complete annihilation to their land.  And that’s a real line in the sand, not a BHO paper tiger piece of lip service.

If things continue to degenerate then mecca will be reduced to rubble.

muslims scoff at words.  They believe in action.  Words are weakness.

America, quit being weak!

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