Feinstein Miffed With CIA? Why Not the NSA?

The linked article tells lots of things.  Mostly the hypocrisy of our Congress.  Sen. Feinstein, California Democrat, is all upset thinking the CIA peeked into Senate computers.  Another case of, “Do as I say not as I do.”

While the NSA and IRS allegedly probe every aspect of citizen/subjects lives, with hardly a word from anyone in D.C., when the CIA does the same to Congress, the children on the hill whine and stomp their feet.

Poor babies.  Welcome to big brotherville.




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Democrat or Republican, the State of the Union speech is always a pep rally.  I’ll let the “smart” talking heads discern fact from fiction.  My take on the speech:

Was there an athlete sitting by Michelle?  Did he recently come out as being gay?  Why is this celebrated?  That doesn’t happen with heterosexuals.  Biblical living and giving birth and raising families is almost shunned nowadays.  Let’s celebrate a sodomite.

An American hero sitting next to Michelle was celebrated.  I question the reason why.  If you have to ask why I question their motives I won’t be able to explain it.

The deficit has been cut in half?  Are you blaming GW for that deficit or are you saying it was run up by you and is now, finally, being cut down?  The debt is still unimaginable.  How are we going to shrink that?

Job creation and growth?  Corporate taxes?  Who creates tax laws?  Who’s to blame for loopholes?  The legislature and president who signed it into law.  Don’t like the loopholes?  Rewrite the law?  Or is that too easy?  Does that not give you a boogeyman to blame for the low information voters that you pander to?

Schools?  How about vouchers so people could bring their kids to the best schools?  Create competition.  Competition creates winners and losers.  Is that un-pc?  We’re all winners.  Everyone gets an award for participating.

Bringing jobs back home?  The object of business is profit.  Can’t blame business for going overseas to make their products cheaper.  Our tariffs don’t reward American business.  Our unions price us out of business.  If I’m making a product, a widget, and I can have it made here in America for $20 an hour plus paying for insurance and pensions and China can make it for $2 an hour there’s no question; I’m going to China.

War and standing by Israel?  We all hate war, I hope, but if we’re dumb enough to get into it let’s be smart enough to be as brutal as can be and win it.  Do we really believe BHO will stand by Israel?  The war on terror, or overseas contingency, is really an extension of the Crusades.  They were started by the muslims.  Look it up.  Have the huevos to win it.  Brutally, mercilessly.  Nasty, yes.  Necessary, also yes.

We’ve lost the America of yesteryear.  We need to regain it.  Opportunity for all.  Rise to your ability.  The Democrats are the party of big government and oppression.  The Republicans are the party trying to tell us they’re for smaller government and opportunity.  Both parties are leading us down a path of destruction.  The Democrats are just doing it more quickly than the Republicans.

Bring back and legalize the Constitution.  Let God back into our society.

Rep. Rodgers, in her Republican rebuttal, gave the other side of the pep rally speech.  It was more positive and believable than BHO’s words.  Will she get the Sarah Palin treatment of disrespect for birthing a down syndrome baby and calling on God to help us?  I hope not.

Both parties claim enlightenment.  Both parties seem to be in it for themselves.  We Americans are lost in a world of insanity.  But, it is our fault.  We get the government we vote for.  Will sanity and our Constitutional Republic ever make a return?

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I just recently finally watched the movie “Earthlings.”  I’d never heard of it and it came out in 2005.  In the first few minutes it was evident that it was from a perspective of woowoo, animals are people too, false gods, secular religion.

It is a film showing the horrible conditions we humans inflict on animals.  From slaughterhouses to puppy mills to experimentation, and more.  It was long on blaming us for our horrible ways and short on offering solutions.

It made sure to show a kosher slaughterhouse that broke so many kosher rules but neglected to show halal slaughter.  Do the muslims get a pass again?

It showed hunting and fishing in a bad light.  What a shock.

It was more in your face than “Food Inc” and did shed light on a lot of horrible and disgusting things that we humans do to animals.  That’s a good thing, overall.  Biblically we are stewards of the earth and need to show respect for all of nature.  But what would happen if all animals were free range, grass fed, organic?  The world would scream food was too expensive.

We’re not all going to go vegan.  I am a member of P.E.T.A.., but not the one you may be thinking of.  I’m the P.E.T.A. that stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals.”

Another bit of secularism was at the end of the film when they quoted the old line “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  The only trouble was that they didn’t say that was from the Bible.

All in all this is probably an important film to see.  It’s hard to watch.  There is an ugly side to bringing us all that tasty meat in cellophane at the supermarket.  But it is tasty tasty meat put here by God for us.  We need to be better stewards of our gifts.

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Obama lies, the Country dies… ho hum, what’s on TV?

I’ve linked three (3) WND articles.  I suggest you read them.  With so much linkage I’ll try to be brief.

The crux of the articles is that BHO and his minions in the media are telling and spreading lies.  A sad state of affairs, indeed.  The first linked article by Ilana Mercer is hard hitting.  She even calls Charles Krauthammer a phony conservative.  But she does make some excellent points.

The other two links tell of B-HO’s lies during his speech after the government was reopened.  That people believe his lies is sad.  That he tells them knowing people will believe them is even sadder.

“Is he gonna talk much longer?  ‘Dancing with ermerika’s most talented on big brother’s cutthroat island’ is on in five minutes.  Gimme a beer.  Did the unemployment check come in the mail today?”

B-HO talked of the sniping in D.C.  We need to stop this, he says.  He lies.  He spews venom nearly daily.  So, sure, the right will play nice while you and your fellow Democrats continue to do it?  Who called who (or is it whom?) terrorists and other nasty terms?  The Dems sprayed verbal vitriol towards the Republicans.

The Republicans are pansies.  They caved.  Boehner needs to disappear.  he’s a nutless wonder.  He’s a two-faced politician, but I repeat myself.

Omamacare is a bad thing.  We’re all going to find this out in time.  Most, if not all of B-HO’s, and the Dems and media, policies are bad.  They are anti-Constitution.

Does that make me a terrorist for trying to support the Constitution?  Nope.  It makes them horrible un-American jerks for trying to, and thus far succeeding, circumvent  the Constitution.

Follow the lies.  Follow the money.  Who cares about the people?  The Founders did.  Our current crop of crap in government doesn’t.

Vote ‘em all out.  Let’s start with a clean slate.

I fear the second revolution.  I pray we have some oath keepers on our side.






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Really? Democrats Were Arrested????

This is shocking and possibly enlightening.  Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill, I just saw him on the O’Reilly Factor, got busted?  Probably a bogus bust.  What was it they were all nabbed for?  Blocking a main street?  If the street was just an artery and not a main street, would they have been busted?

Look at the picture of Rangel (D-NY) smiling as he’s arrested.  Is that pride or nervousness?  Probably misplaced pride as he can now tell his constituents he’s working for them, and not telling them he’s working to keep them on the government plantation.

Don’t forget to vote for me!

Let’s face it, we all want immigration reform.  But I’m thinking most of us don’t want to just give a pass to the millions who cut in line.  What about the poor folks who are trying to do it legally?  Do we care about them?

There are a gazillion hoops to jump through to get here legally, it’s no wonder people just jump across.  The real immigration reform would be to make it easier to get here.  I’m not racist for wanting line jumpers to be busted and deported.  I’m pro-immigration because I want the process to become less bureaucratic and easier.

Sure, we need to keep out the miscreants and terrorists.  But, there’s tons of folks who are good people waiting patiently in line while all the illegals jump in front of them.

Can we deal with this?  Can we keep out the bad folks and speed up the line for the good folks?

If we can’t then we need to shut off all immigration until we figure out how to do it right.

That just cracked me up.  Expecting the government to figure out how to do it right.

We’re screwed.  OK, open borders, no worries, our government is too messed up to figure it out.  Sarcasm intended.

For the border jumpers: don’t whine about it when the border land owners blast you.  The government may not have the huevos to deal with you but the land owners, the good Americans, on the border are tired of you cutting fences and messing everything up.

They have a right to defend their land.  And I’m glad most of them are doing so.

Immigration reform is a joke.  The Democrats are just looking for voters.  The Republicans are standing around with their thumbs up their noses.  The American people are ticked off.

We welcome immigrants.  We just want them to follow the law and the Constitution.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the folks in D.C. did too?


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